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How does the rental process work?

We like are on vacation, lets keep it that way.  Being a boutique rental shop we are not filled with long lines for check in process. Our office is located 6 minutes from the trail system.  Our UTV's are street legal meaning you drive right from our location to the dirt trails. If something happens while your out on trails there is no worries. Our rescue team comes out free of charge to help you.

How does insurance work?

We hold a $2,000 security deposit while you are out on trails. If any plastics, rollbars, or rims are cracked/broken you will be responsible for what you break.  If the vehicle is considered totaled you will be responsible for deductible which is the $2,000 deposit.   Stay on 4 wheels and there should be no worries.

Do you have set ride departure times?

We typically run 8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm for our half day rentals.  We are flexible though compared to other big rental companies in town. Call us. We can work out a special ride time as long as we can do it.

Where can we go?

There are 6 trails in Sedona. We like to send our riders to the best spots. "where the locals would go". Heres a handful of places we love: Devils Bridge, Chavez water crossing, Outlaw Loop, Broken Arrow, Indian Ruins, Schnebly hill vista ride and many more! Call our office if you want a detailed description of the rides.


Have questions? Give us a call!  We're always available to answer any questions you have about our rentals or your trip to Sedona!

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